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CC Editorial Services provides writing, editing and consulting services to foundations, government agencies and businesses with deep interests in education, health, the arts and public policy. Its principal is Christopher Connell, a seasoned journalist with more than a quarter-century’s experience covering these issues in Washington, D.C. Since founding CC Editorial Services in January 1999, Connell has authored articles, white papers and book-length studies for some of the nation’s leading foundations and public policy organizations.

Mr. Connell works primarily with foundations and other organizations that need reports written with the discernment and touch of a veteran Washington journalist steeped in the worlds of education, health policy, the arts and other public policy issues.

As a reporter, he was known for the clarity of his reporting and an ability to frame events in their larger context. He is an accomplished interviewer and feature writer.

Mr. Connell is available for both short and long term editorial projects, from providing unparalleled coverage of important conferences to writing annual reports. A skilled photographer, his photos have illustrated the Internationalizing the Campus reports and other published works.


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